Google Ads Bidding for Beginners: Your Guide to Maximizing Conversions

So you’re new to Google Ads and eager to get the most conversions out of your campaigns? Choosing the right bidding strategy is crucial, but with all the options available, it can feel overwhelming. This guide will break down the different bidding strategies for beginners, focusing on those designed to boost your conversion rates!

Bidding 101:

Think of bidding as the silent auction you participate in every time someone searches for terms related to your business. Your bid determines where your ad appears and how much you pay if someone clicks. But with Google Ads, you don’t just bid a fixed price. Bidding strategies automate or optimize your bids based on your goals and campaign type.

Conversion Champions:

Now, let’s dive into the strategies that are all about conversions:

1. Smart Bidding: Your AI teammate!
  • Target CPA (cost per acquisition): Set a target cost you’re willing to pay for a conversion (e.g., sale, signup), and Google’s machine learning optimizes bids to get you there. Great for established businesses with conversion data.
  • Maximize conversions: Tell Google “get me as many conversions as possible within budget,” and it does just that. Perfect for beginners or testing new campaigns.
  • Maximize conversion value: Similar to Maximize conversions, but prioritizes conversions with higher values (e.g., larger purchases). Ideal if conversions vary in value.
2. Manual Bidding: You’re in control!
  • Manual CPC (cost per click): Set a maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click. Good for understanding bidding basics and testing keywords.
  • Enhanced CPC (ECPC): Set a maximum bid, but Google can slightly increase it for potentially high-value clicks. Offers more control than Maximize clicks while letting Google help.

Choosing Your Champion:

  • Beginner? Start with Maximize conversions to see what works. As you gain data, consider Target CPA if you have a set cost target, or ECPC if you want some automation with manual control.
  • Established business? Target CPA is often a go-to for predictable conversion costs. Maximize conversion value shines if conversions have varying values.


  • Monitor performance: Regularly track your conversions and cost metrics to see what’s working and adjust your strategy as needed.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different strategies and see what delivers the best results for your unique campaign.
  • Get help: Google Ads offers extensive resources and support to help you navigate bidding strategies.

Bonus Tip: Combine strategies! Use Smart Bidding for most campaigns and consider Manual Bidding for specific keywords or ad groups you want more control over.

By understanding these essential bidding strategies and choosing the right one for your goals, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing conversions and getting the most out of your Google Ads campaigns!


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